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Rosnely Mordan-Troncoso: It Always Comes Back To My Mom

“I have made tremendous sacrifices for many years.” remarked Rosnely Mordan-Troncoso, a member of the Class of 2023.

 “Sometimes it was hard to keep a good relationship with my mom, as adult responsibilities were given to me. Yet, I also knew on some level that my mother was sacrificing for my future by working all the time. I only hope our sacrifices will pay off.” she continued. 

A Quest Bridge Scholar semi-finalist and member of the National Honor Society, Rosnely is fervently hoping for a full scholarship to college. She would be the first in her family to continue her education and noted that she has worked hard to achieve good grades. 

 A supportive counselor at her middle school encouraged her to consider Cristo Rey. “Cristo Rey Boston has supported my goal of attending college from the beginning,” Rosnely continued, “College means a lot to me, a better chance for me and my family.” When it was suggested to her that her perseverance was the definition of grit and she would succeed simply because of her determination, she became emotional.

Times have often been difficult. Arriving from the Dominican Republic when she was 5, she and her family have struggled for many years to find stability. It took its toll, and it has only been recently that their situation has improved. She explained, “At the time I was not thinking much or learning from it, but as I got older and we got an apartment, I finally realized that it was not all for nothing. It was not the lowest position. And it sure was not rock-bottom. It was a step closer to being where we needed to be. A step closer to stability.”

One constant in her life has been academics. Gifted with a curious mind and a love of learning, Rosnely hopes that college will be an opportunity to find out who she is, and to discover her passions. An avid consumer of true crime shows, with a deep curiosity about how the human mind works, Rosnely is thinking about a career as a neuropsychologist. 

She noted, “I am interested in so many things. I love my AP Art and AP Psychology Classes and look forward to college where I can explore other passions.”  Interested in attending college away from Boston, she hopes to set a pathway for her younger siblings, to show them what is possible when they work hard to achieve their goals. 

Rosnely concluded, “In the end, it always comes back to my mom. She made tremendous sacrifices for our future by coming to the United States. She had high hopes for me, and always believed in me. Now it is my chance.