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London Sappleton: On a Path to Study Medicine

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“When I was in middle school, I had a great teacher who really spurred my interest in science, and I have loved the subject ever since. Right now, I am interested in a career in medicine since biology is my favorite class.” said junior London Sappleton during an interview that encompassed his wide range of interests, from science to current events.

“I think the biggest issue facing the country right now is our energy situation.” he continued. “Come winter, it is going to be difficult for families in my neighborhood to stay warm because we will need to choose between keeping the heat up or keeping our bill lower. It is something that I wish more politicians would focus on.”

London was introduced to the Cristo Rey model via Breakthrough New York, an afterschool program designed to support under-resourced communities. He said, “Once I saw the Cristo Rey model, I was extremely interested because of the Corporate Work Study program. It really sets you up to succeed in the future and gives you a better chance.” Initially attending Cristo Rey New York, London recently transferred to Boston when his mom decided she was ready for a new city.   

“I will be the first in my family to attend college, and my mother has worked hard to ensure this opportunity for me.” London continued. Like the experience of many Cristo Rey Boston students, London initially lived with his grandmother, while his mother sought economic opportunity elsewhere. He noted, “When I arrived in New York from Jamaica as a 9-year-old, my mother researched all the programs that would help me succeed, and I am grateful. It is one of the things I like about Cristo Rey Boston: lots of students have similar upbringings and there are friends and teachers who have helped me solidify my goals.”

He noted his Corporate Work Study placement at Veristat this year is an amazing opportunity. “Seeing the application of science in an everyday working environment is exciting and I am appreciative of the people there who have taken an interest in my goals.”  London continued, “I was incredibly excited when my supervisor introduced me to a co-worker at Veristat who has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, one of the fields that interest me, and I was able to speak with her in depth about the field.” 

Slowly settling into his new community of Fields Corner and Cristo Rey Boston, London has his sights on the future. “I want to succeed for myself, to have the freedom from financial instability, and to realize my goal of becoming a doctor who can help others. Medicine is an amazing field where people with curious minds and an interest in science can really make a difference in people's lives.”