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Kryss Dargout: I Am Ready to Succeed in College.

Arriving in the United States three years after the massive 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti, Kryss Dargout recalls that her parents were laser focused on giving their children a brighter future. As an eight-year-old child, she did not really understand the full implications of their decision but felt the weight of responsibility. Noting that “I quickly became a 3rd parent”, she is proud of herself, and is optimistic for her future and that of her younger siblings.


As a middle school student at UP Academy Dorchester, her guidance counselor suggested looking at Cristo Rey Boston as a high school option. Her parents were initially hesitant, noting the tuition costs as a potential obstacle. However, Kryss felt certain that Cristo Rey would be a great fit. Kryss continued, “Catholics are well respected in Haiti, and ultimately, my mom decided she liked the idea of me attending a Catholic school.” During the pandemic, when the school made the decision to be completely tuition free, Kryss shared that her parents were relieved.


Currently working at SharkNinja, Kyrss has enjoyed the mentorship of her supervisor and the variety of work she has been asked to do. Working with the director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Kyrss has been asked to research, plan events, and look at ways for SharkNinja to give back to the community. She noted, “I appreciate the fact that the work I am doing impacts a lot of people.”


Looking ahead, Kryss aspires to be an attorney. She continued, “One of the things I enjoy about Cristo Rey Boston are the career exploration program they provide. This past year we had a lot of speakers who exposed us to different careers, which I found helpful. I love doing something different every day, and think being an attorney will allow me to help others as well.”


She continued, “I love being prepared, having the experience of working has prepared me for knowing about creating a career, and the importance of being responsible and contributing.”


With her college applications mostly complete, Kryss is ready to the next step. The thought of college, although daunting, is exciting. Kyrss stated, “I am nervous because I do not really know what to expect. However, I have worked hard to move on to the next level, and believe I have the skills to succeed in college.”