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Edwenly Baez: Batting 1000!

EdwenlyAn accomplished athlete as well as a top student, Edwenly is hoping that one of her college choices will also include a spot on a collegiate Softball team. Nine years old when she arrived in the United States from the Dominican Republic, Edwenly wasted little time jumping into sports and academics. Acknowledging that “her mom didn’t have the chance for a good education in the DR,” Edwenly has high expectations for herself. “I value my grades, mostly because of where I want to be in the future.”
With plans of becoming a physician, Edwenly applied to colleges with top science programs and is happy to have received some positive news. Over April break, she traveled to some of her top choices with a staff member from Cristo Rey Boston, and hopes to return with a decision made, and a spot on the softball team.
(Photo taken on recent college tour)
A shortstop on the CRB team, Edwenly noted that ““Sports has taught me how to work as a team, how to work with complicated people, people who don’t like you, and how to own up to losing. You are never going to win every time; you have to take the loss and make a better decision to be there next time.”
The oldest of 5 children and the only girl, Edwenly is blazing a trail for her younger brothers, including her brother Edward, a junior at CRB. She noted that English was her weak spot freshman year because “in English there are no set answers, just interpretations and she doesn’t love that. Math is black and white...English is all the colors.” She credits her freshman English teacher as being an important influence during her time at CRB, beginning when he helped her embrace the nuances of literature. She noted that all the teachers are really engaged with students and she loves the small caring community.
Working at Norfolk and Dedham Insurance Group her freshman and sophomore years taught her the importance of accuracy when dealing with complicated information. She still touches base with her former supervisor there. Pre-Covid, she was working at the Massachusetts Convention Center as an event manager and enjoyed the ability to move about the space and interact with a variety of guests. Looking ahead however, she knows her future lies in science – she loves Math and Biology. However, she credits the Corporate Work Study Program with giving her an understanding of her strengths in the workforce and allowing her to meet adults who continue to be an additional resource.
Edwenly acknowledges her mom’s influence in choosing Cristo Rey Boston. She liked that CRB offered “something that no other school offered.” Edwenly appreciates the opportunity that the CWSP program provided and feels the small class size and the relationships she was able to build with her teachers contributed to her confidence as she advanced through CRB. She is delighted that the stress is over now, and she is looking ahead and waiting for school to end, so she can head to college!