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Keiana Ferguson: Joy Comes from Within

“Joy is an internal feeling that, once you have, cannot be taken away from you. It is an intangible, but important feeling. My family brings me joy and makes me happy as a person. It is a comfort that I carry inside of me, knowing that the minute I walk through the door at home, I become surrounded by people who love me. Cristo Rey Boston gives me the same feeling; when I walk into the building, I feel joyful. My teachers care for me and want what is best for me.” Keiana Ferguson 
“This year, I have been thinking a lot about my future,” noted senior Keiana Ferguson. "During the past three years, I've been able to consider different options, but this year it feels like my goals have solidified."  
An aspiring teacher, Keiana recalled that teaching had interested her since middle school when she considered becoming a math teacher. While at Cristo Rey Boston, Keiana's goals solidified as her love of English classes grew. Currently applying to college, she plans to graduate, ready to teach at the secondary level, teaching English.  
She continued, “My English teachers at Cristo Rey Boston have influenced my decision. I love seeing how each one brings their style into the classroom and uses their unique skills to engage students in the material."  She is excited to start college because she loves learning about the different writing styles of the authors they read and writing her own essays. 
Working at MathWorks during the four years she attended Cristo Rey Boston has been a giant bonus, according to Keiana. "I love working there, everyone is so supportive, and I have learned about work and myself. I like meeting new people and building new connections, and MathWorks has put me in roles that utilize my skills. At this point, I can work independently, as I have developed good organizational skills and processes that allow me to succeed. Everyone treats me like a regular employee.”
Keiana summarized, “My time at MathWorks enabled me to grow and understand my strengths. I am an outgoing and creative person who loves interacting with adults. I know I can bring those attributes to college, and they will help me succeed.”
“I carry my joy internally, having experienced a stable, comfortable home and school environment and been given unconditional love. I am ready for the next challenge.”