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Become a Partner

Become a Partner

It’s easy to become a corporate partner.  If your firm has entry-level clerical work that needs to be done, if you want to operate more effectively and efficiently, and if your company wants to make a difference in the community, please contact us.

Our students have made the choice to attend a school that works (literally) at some of the top companies in the area, and we're asking you to consider giving them this life-changing chance to work with you.

The impact of the Corporate Work Study Program is enormous.  Here are some of our recent achievements:

  • We have been cited by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as one of a growing body of schools that is revolutionizing ideas about teaching and learning to produce high-achieving graduates ready to succeed in today's changing world.
  • More seniors continue to be accepted into four-year colleges with each year of the Program. 100% of graduates have been accepted into four-year colleges over the past eight years.
  • We have more than 120 outstanding corporate work study partners that represent some of the top companies in the greater Boston area.
  • We have received a number of honors and recognitions from Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, Boston Business Journal, MA Nonprofit Association, etc.

As a Cristo Rey Network School, we use a nationally proven and innovative method that has been featured on 60 Minutes, CNN, BBC, CBS News, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, USA Today, Boston Globe, Time and Newsweek. This process interfaces creatively with a rigorous academic curriculum while combining two commonly used business concepts: employee leasing and job sharing.

Businesses contract with the CWSP to outsource their full-time entry level clerical jobs for an annual flat fee. Types of jobs typically include: mail room services (many of the firms instruct their outsourced agency to include our students), scanning, archiving, data entry, etc. The CWSP serves as a professional turn-key operation to make business participation easy. CWSP is the students' employer and manages all payroll, Workers' Comp, taxes, Department of Labor and other employment issues.

We believe that every action can make a big difference to ensure quality education and economic opportunity for all.  Together, we make private, college-preparatory education a reality for our students AND give them a solid competitive edge to embark upon meaningful careers.   

Today's student workers are tomorrow's full-time employees, customers and suppliers. The ripple effect of this success is powerful!

For more information, please contact Marcin Kunicki, Director of Corporate Work Study Business Development at or 857-220-2471.