Cristo Rey Boston High School

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Cristo Rey Boston student workers bring high value now, integrating with your staff and performing entry level skilled tasks. These student workers contribute to your workplace needs, while gaining early access to professional networks and developing newfound awareness to pursue and excel in careers or industries they may not have otherwise considered.


The Corporate Work Study (CWS) program is a separately incorporated entity within Cristo Rey Boston High School that places every student in a professional job (on-site, remote or hybrid) one day a week for all four years of high school. Cristo Rey Boston students are employees of CWS, not of your company. Corporate Partners pay a competitive, annual service fee to the program for the students’ college preparatory education. CWS operates similarly to a temporary staffing agency with the explicit awareness and approval of relevant state agencies and the U.S. Department of Labor.




Professional workplace environments provide consistent, high quality learning for student workers to connect classroom to career, while earning 50% of their own private education cost. Students gain valuable social and technical skills, confidence, and aspirations, along with professional mentorships that cannot be accessed in the traditional classroom.



Cristo Rey Boston student workers are culturally and linguistically diverse. Aligned with your DEI strategy, students help strengthen your diverse workforce today while creating a ripple effect that influences your industry as these student workers carry their experience to and through college. Our Corporate Partners seek to hire student workers during and after college.



Our students have made the choice to attend a school that works (literally) at some of the top companies in the area, and we're asking you to consider giving them this life-changing chance to work with you.

The impact of the Corporate Work Study Program is enormous.  Here are some of our recent achievements:

  • Our graduates continue to be accepted into colleges, and graduate with notable success. This year,  100% of Class of 2022 were accepted into college. 
  • We have more than 120 outstanding corporate work study partners that represent some of the top companies in the greater Boston area.


For more information, please contact Hilary Gillcrist, Director of Business Development at Cristo Rey Boston. [email protected] or 617-282-1873.