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Brenda Aviles: Never Say No to New Experiences!

“Something I will always carry with me from my time working at Bond is advice from my supervisor to never say no to challenging new experiences," exclaimed Brenda Aviles, a soft-spoken senior who aspires to become a biorobotics engineer. 

Brenda’s corporate work study placement at Bond, a construction management firm based in Medford, MA, has been a great fit since her sophomore year. She noted, “I have learned and matured during my time with Bond. I now work on more complicated projects, such as architectural and electrical estimating and mechanical takeoffs. I now have a paid summer position and, over time, have come to rely on the mentorship of many people at the firm." Brenda pointed out that these mentors have helped her build a college list, craft a LinkedIn profile, and encourage her to take risks, which have helped her transition into a confident, mature student ready for the challenge of college.

She intends to study biorobotics in college, an interest that stems from participating in the Cristo Rey Boston robotics club. Brenda recalled, “Building robots as part of the robotics club got me thinking about the medical applications of technology. I want to help people by designing robots that advance medical interventions. My time at Bond exposed me to different areas of engineering, and now I want to take that foundation in a new direction.”

A counselor at Orchard Gardens K-8 suggested Brenda consider Cristo Rey Boston. She came for the Knight for A Day program, spending the day with an upper-level student. She recalled, "I loved the art-filled building and tangible sense of community. I am not an extrovert, and I quickly realized I could excel here, in a smaller environment, surrounded by a staff that cared about my success.”

Now in her final year at Cristo Rey Boston, Brenda knows she made the right decision. “I have made so many friends here, students like me who are focused on a successful future. The teachers are so supportive, making sure we had the opportunity to master the material, particularly coming off remote learning the first year. I am a member of the National Honor Society and feel confident I am prepared for the challenges of college.”

Brenda describes herself as a strong Hispanic woman who has already experienced significant challenges in life and is ready to tackle the future. “I came here as a small child from El Salvador with my mom and sister. My mom has worked hard to support us.”

"As the oldest of 4 sisters, I am responsible for taking care of the family while my mom works long hours. Being the oldest in a Hispanic household means I must show my younger siblings the way." Brenda stated. “Taking care of my sisters forced me to start thinking about others along with myself and has enabled me to be more understanding of people and open-minded in my interactions with others."

Brenda continued, “My mother's focus is always our education. She wants us to have better opportunities than she did and expects good grades. I will be the first in my family to attend college. I aim to work as hard as my mother does to achieve my personal goals.”