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Visaury Moreta-Carmona, Class of 2014 - Just Go for It!

VisauryThe one piece of advice Visaury would like to give to her younger self is “Just go for it”. She recalled that “oftentimes I have doubted myself and missed opportunities because I was too afraid to take risks. The best advice I have received is “who cares about rejection, just go for it,” and truly I could not agree more. I have since taken many risks that have helped me grow and develop academically and professionally.” 
Visaury is currently working as a Spanish teacher and UPenn Program Coordinator at an independent boarding school in Southborough, MA. Her role consists of teaching, coaching, and helping fellows from the UPenn Teaching program at the school. She noted that “the English department at Cristo Rey Boston heavily prepared me for college. The College of the Holy Cross and UPenn curriculums were heavy on reading and writing, and I felt well prepared as I transitioned from CRB.”
Reflecting on what influenced her success, Visaury noted, “The work preparation and strict timeline teachers had at CRB really fostered my success. Early on in my student career at CRB, I worked on time management to not lose points or have repercussions. This allowed me to be better prepared for college and beyond. My time management and organizational skills are something I pride myself in and it has helped me become a better educator.”
Thinking back on the college application process, Visaury recalled dedicating an entire day in the spring of Junior year to writing personal college essays. She commented, “Having dedicated a day to it and seeing my teachers available to help made me feel important. While I did not use it for my final submission, I was able to draft and work through my ideas. In general, I appreciated the time dedicated to the college process.”
When asked about her favorite memory from her time at Cristo Rey Boston, she remembers it as lunch. “This was a space where we expressed our happiness, worries, concerns, jokes, and “chisme”. I’d call it my happy place because I was able to see friends who were not in my class and debrief about my day or week. While my memory is not strictly academic, it is still important because the space and experience is one that brings me happiness during my time in high school.”
Sending her congratulations to the Class of 2022, Visaury advised “I would say, have fun and enjoy “all the feels” of high school. While there were many moments of stress, there were also moments of happiness and comradery. Those joyful moments are the ones I hope seniors cherish.”