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Alumni Penelope Soto: Preparing for the Business World

An interview with Penelope Soto, Cristo Rey Boston Class of 2018
  • How was your experience at CRB ?
My experience at CRB was very rewarding. I got to meet some of my lifelong best friends and make valuable connections through the work study program. Advice and guidance from teachers such as Mr., Kim, Ms. Gremaldi, Mr. Kaufman and Ms. Giberson and many more played a big role in my success at CRB.
  • How has Cristo Rey Boston prepared you for Bentley University?

Thanks to the work study program that CRB offers I went into Bentley with the advantage of knowing how to connect with professionals. In college it is very important to make connections and know how to use them. Thanks to the experience I had at CRB I was able to use my connections wisely and even land an internship at a big four accounting firm.

  • What is your major at Bentley University?

I’m majoring in Computer Information Systems.


  • What has your experience been like at Bentley University? ( i.e. experience in the classroom, events around campus )

So far, my experience at Bentley has been a positive one. In the two years and half I've been there I've been able to meet a lot of great professionals, join student organizations and take amazing classes that are preparing me for the business world. Bentley has amazing resources to prepare its students and I'm making sure to take advantage of everything that benefits my learning.


  •  What’s your experience now with Covid- 19?  How has Bentley University been supportive during these uncertain times?
Since the start of COVID-19 I have chosen to stay at home for my safety and the safety of my family. However, I feel like Bentley was very quick and effective in switching to remote learning and finding new ways to connect with its students in this new environment.


  • What lessons have you learned from your corporate work study job while attending CRB that you’ve applied to your everyday life as a college student?
A lesson I learned at my corporate study job is to always remain professional and never burn any bridges. You never know when you will come across someone you’ve met at a professional setting who may be your ticket into getting into your dream school or job.