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Red Molina: A Journey to a Better Future

Red Molina is no stranger to hard work and sacrifice. Currently a senior, he is anxiously awaiting news from colleges, as he navigates a college application process vastly altered due to Covid 19. Red credits the College Counseling office with helping him identify his best fit colleges and is "confident he will have some positive news soon."  


Born in the Philippines, Red and his mom came to the United States in 2009. To his mom, a nurse, the United States represented an opportunity for career advancement and educational opportunity for Red. Unfortunately, his dad needed to remain in the Philippines. Prior to Covid, Red was able to see his dad every six months, but now relies on FaceTime and emails to keep in touch. In 2018, both Red and his mother became US citizens, an accomplishment they hope will hasten the arrival of his father.  


Red's story represents the journey of so many CRB students.  He recalls that he arrived in 6th grade speaking "a little broken English", but with his parent's focus on academic opportunities, Red quickly acclimated. In middle school, his mom and Red visited Cristo Rey Boston, having learned about the program from a cousin.


He recalls "the work-study program attracted both of us. You have the advantage of work experience when applying for a job, the school prepares you for the future." Red has worked at Boston College throughout his time at CRB.  He started as a Freshman answering the switchboard at St. Clements Hall, and has advanced through the years, currently working in the IT Department. He's thinking of "majoring in Computer Science in college, or something that would lead to a job in the airlines industry, as he loves to travel." Boston College definitely is on his college list and he is excited to be featured in a recent issue of the BC Chronicle.