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Anthony Polanco: Anything is Possible.  

"In 11th-grade Theology, we learned about having a growth mindset, the belief that I can improve my capabilities and talents over time," recalled Anthony Polanco, a focused and engaging senior from Dorchester. "I believe I have a growth mindset; I've always been a curious student and intend to be a life-long learner."  
Anthony recalled that he became aware of his intellectual potential at St. John Paul II Catholic Academy’s Columbia campus during middle school when a teacher noticed his curiosity in science class. He wanted answers to all the 'why' questions.  
Arriving at Cristo Rey Boston, he focused on grades his first year, but as the pandemic dragged on, it became harder to be inspired. He felt his drive and interest wane. However, during junior year, he re-engaged with in-person learning and a Corporate Work Study placement at MathWorks.   
 "Junior year is when everything accelerated. My teachers saw my potential and pushed me to develop my interests. I began to understand that my best asset is my tenacity: my desire to understand subject material and excel on tests," Anthony recalled, 
Now focused on college acceptance and with one significant scholarship already in hand, Anthony's goal is to study science. He noted, "I love chemistry and want to help people in my career. My long-term goal is to work in the medical field as a scientist, developing drugs or curing disease."  
Because of his interest in life science, Anthony is working at Veristat, which he credits with helping him understand their business and the capacity to solve complex medical issues via science.  
He recalls hearing a story from his mother that inspired him. She spoke of a friend from their native Dominican Republic who had attended Harvard University. She reminded her children that anything was possible if they worked hard.  
Anthony embraced that motto and noted, " I appreciate what Cristo Rey Boston has offered me. People focused on my success at every turn, pushing me to excel. I did the challenging work, but it helped to have the support of the CRB community, particularly during Covid."     
Looking ahead, Anthony is keeping an eye on his longer-term goals. "I want to help as many people as I can. Someday I hope to travel to places in need, share my expertise, and donate to organizations that improve the quality of life for people in need."