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Lufus Philip - Sacrificing for a Brighter Future

Sometimes reaching for opportunity is accompanied by sacrifice, as Lufus Philip has experienced over the past 7 years. Originally from St. Lucia, Lufus came to the United States as a 10-year-old, joining his mother who is a nurse. Recognizing that moving was a chance to receive a better education, Lufus acknowledges that the sadness of leaving behind his beloved extended family lingers.
The sacrifices made by his family motivate Lufus to succeed, and his goal to have a successful career are driven in part by a desire to help his family in St. Lucia. He freely admits that “he loves getting good grades on his report card, and making the Honor Roll each term gives him a feeling of accomplishment.” That drive has placed him as one of the top students academically in the Class of 2021.
Lufus is looking to his college experience to help him narrow his career options and is awaiting college decisions, noting that “I am incredibly nervous to make this leap into college. I am going in as undecided and that has put more pressure onto me as to what I want to do and become.”
“The Corporate Work Study staff are responsible for my work ethic being what it is now. They introduced me to a glimpse of the real world and how it may be hard, but we all have the potential to overcome it.” stated Lufus. During his tenure at Cristo Rey, he has worked at Norfolk and Dedham Group, Expeditors Boston, and currently is working remotely for First Republic Bank. Along the way, he has realized that his communication skills serve him well, and that he enjoys working.
Lufus credits Cristo Rey Boston with pushing him to reach his full potential. “My experience at Cristo Rey has allowed me to be more open with myself and others. I have made friends with so many people outside of my usual circle and they all offer something new and special in my life.” He has found confidence in his abilities thanks to the support of staff and teachers, “they are very honest about what the future and college is like. They are not scared to tell us how college can and will be hard if we go in unprepared. At the same time, they offer us all the necessary advice and knowledge needed to make it to and through college.”