Cristo Rey High School Boston


Counseling Services


Cristo Rey Boston High School’s Counseling program is designed to respond to the personal, academic, and family needs of each of our students. We know our students face enormous challenges that can impede their learning and growth, and we are focused on helping students overcome any obstacles they face during their four years at our school.

Our counselors address challenges that may arise in school, at home, or in the community. The counseling office helps families facing stress, guides every student through the college application process, and ensures that social, personal and academic support is provided to all students. Each counselor meets with every student twice a year for check-ins, and schedules more regular appointments with those students who are in need of additional support.

The Upper School counselors personally counsel each junior and senior, as well as provide assistance in navigating the college application process. Our Lower School counselor assists all students in the transition from middle school to high school, and personally counsels all freshmen and sophomores.

Three interns from the Boston College School of Social Work coordinate with our Counseling program to ensure that every student is supported personally and emotionally, in addition to academically.