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Alayssa Diaz: My Life Philosophy, "The Impossible is Always Possible."

“I believe if you have a dream, don’t let anybody take it away. And you always believe that the impossible is always possible.” Selena 
With her favorite quote from the singer Selena Quintanilla saved on her phone to explain her life philosophy, Alayssa Diaz is an engaging, energetic, and highly focused individual. Describing herself as Afro-Latina, she recalled her upbringing as full of culture from both her mom's and dad’s sides, full of music, art, and food! 
Now a sophomore at Cristo Rey Boston, Alayssa noted, “I love to express myself artistically via my drawings, clothing design, and hair. They are all my canvases for exploring my creativity.” She recalled that middle school was hard; she attended a large public school in Roxbury and struggled to let her guard down. Looking for a different experience and a smaller school, she came to visit CRB.  
“I instantly loved all the vibrant artwork on the walls and the small classes. I knew right away Cristo Rey would be different. Now that I am here, I have been able to express my true self. I have found people who support and encourage me to nurture and grow my passions.”  Alayssa exclaimed.  
An aspiring writer and screenwriter, Alayssa looks to challenge herself and build skills constantly. She hones her craft by writing her autobiography, creating poetry, and analyzing movies, listing Stanley Kubrick and Quentin Tarantino as her favorite screenwriters. 
Currently enrolled in an extracurricular program designed for high school students at Georgetown University, she noted, "I wanted the challenge of a pre-college program and applied to an online Political Science and Psychology course. Balancing high school, Corporate Work Study, and my online classes have been challenging, but I am succeeding!" She continued, “I will finish at the end of April, and then I hope to find a summer writing program as my next challenge.” She credits CRB staff with helping her select the program and find the scholarships necessary to cover the cost.  
Alayssa recalls that her mom was very educated despite not finishing school. “My mom always told me that her goal for me was to have choice and opportunity. To embrace my education and to ‘leave a mark on this world.’ I plan to take her advice and seize every opportunity. I hope to make her proud of me.”  
Sadly, Alayssa lost her mom in 2019, but her spirit and love inspire her. Cultivating her passions allows her to focus on her future, aspiring to attend an Ivy League college and make her mother proud.  
"I know you can push through anything if you let your creativity flow," Alayssa stated. “At Cristo Rey Boston, everyone can find something that interests them. High school is a time to explore and find yourself. We are all on a journey of self-discovery. My advice is to enjoy the process, have confidence that you will figure it out, and know that adulthood will be easier because of the journey.”