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Elian Morla-Peralta: Love Brings You Peace and Joy

Reflections on Love: "Love is the strongest feeling; when you experience it, you feel peace and joy. Sharing love gives you a reason to wake up each morning with a smile. It colors your world outlook and creates a beautiful viewpoint of everything around you. Love comes from within; if you start there, there is room to share the love with those around you."
"My mantra in life is to bring good vibes wherever I go," stated Elian Morla-Peralta, an open and engaging senior with a broad and ready smile. A member of the Cristo Rey Boston Varsity Baseball team, and an avowed math lover, Elian is anxiously awaiting news of his Early Decision application to college!

The child of immigrants from the Dominican Republic, Elian, will be following in the footsteps of his two older siblings who both attended college. Noting that his parents made sacrifices to come to the United States, Elian felt the expectation to attend college early.

Admittedly not engaged as an 8th grader about where he would attend high school; a large public high school seemed his only option. But his parents had other ideas, and after hearing about CRB (Cristo Rey Boston) from friends, they brought him to visit. Elian recalled, "Once they saw CRB, they made the decision. My parents wanted me to have a college education, and Cristo Rey provided that pathway. I trusted my parents, so I ended up here.”

“It turned out to be a great fit," noted Elian. “Cristo Rey Boston is small and less chaotic than the school I would have attended.” He continued, “I have made incredible connections here because we are like one big family; it is easy to make friends. The support I have received from teachers and the attention I have received during the college counseling process have been incredible. I doubt I would be in the same position now had I chosen to attend that big public high school."

Working at the Massachusetts Housing Authority in his junior and senior years has been an additional bonus. “My goal is to be financially independent when I am older,” he noted. “I have been fortunate to find two great mentors while working there. Both have shared their experiences and given me a visual point of reference for how I want my education and career to unfold.” Elian remarked that one mentor has helped him find more confidence in his creative side and bring that to his hobby of photography and to work. His other mentor has shared advice on life and how to be successful. Both have helped him feel confident in the next steps he needs to take to succeed in college.

"High school is a small environment; you must learn to expand your horizons and be comfortable outside your normal environment," Elian commented. "I have been fortunate to carry that confidence internally and have it reinforced by people I met during my time at CRB. I am always open to meeting new people and sharing my enthusiasm for life.”