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Franklin Lopez: A World of Difference

As a student in El Salvador, Franklin Lopez was on the path to a professional career. Following in the footsteps of his parents, an attorney and economist, he was always university bound. But when their long-awaited visa to the United States came through, his future was harder to envision. Arriving in the United States in February of 2022, he initially started at Revere High School. A move to East Boston precipitated a search for a new school, and through family, they learned of Cristo Rey Boston.  
Franklin recalled, “My parents and I were so excited after visiting CRB, we could not believe it was real. To realize this opportunity existed where I could attend a high school focused on college and have direct experience in American corporations was incredible. I could not wait to hear if I was accepted." 
“My parents left behind professional careers, family, friends, and culture to give my brother and me a better future. They applied for the visa knowing how unstable El Salvador was," he recalled. Watching his parents struggle to re-establish themselves in a new country has made him keenly aware of the incredible sacrifices his parents made and has increased his desire to succeed. 
Noting that he has always been a serious student, Franklin enjoys the challenge of Cristo Rey. An aspiring mechanical engineer, he is enjoying his corporate work-study job at Longroad Energy. His placement has allowed him to follow the progression of innovative technology development at the firm. He noted, “I attend meetings where management discusses risk assessment and the recent technologies. I have exposure to all the teams.” He continued, “I love the challenge of balancing my learning at Longroad Energy and the academic challenges presented in the classroom." 
Now a junior, Franklin hopes to attend a top engineering college on a full scholarship, where he can realize his goal of becoming a mechanical engineer. He noted, "Attending a top program will enable me to be well credentialed in my career and hopefully have an impact in my field." 
Franklin recalled that his interest in mechanical engineering started at an early age. “I have an uncle who emigrated to the United States and works for NASA. He always shared his work with me and has been an inspiration for a long time.”  
He continued, “I am part of a large extended family who has gradually emigrated to Boston. They came to provide opportunities for their children, and all the parents have extremely high expectations for us. My brother, cousins, and I are the next generation and all college bound. We will lead future generations of our family to prosper in the United States."