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Tanairi Camacho: "I Am a Person of Resilience"

Tanairi Camacho"I am a person of resilience. Life has thrown some formidable challenges my way. Still, I’ve learned to maintain my composure and face them head-on," shared Tanairi Camacho, a senior whose words reflect wisdom and maturity that surpass her years.  
 She recalls living in Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria, a devastating category four hurricane that hit the island in 2017, causing widespread damage and loss of life. "We lost everything that day; our home and everything we owned was just gone. We were fortunate because my grandmother's house was left intact, but for two years, we lived without water or electricity."  
She continued, "My mother was incredibly strong. She sheltered us from the worst hardships and allowed us to be kids while struggling to get back on her feet. Now that I am older, I realize the magnitude of her strength. Her ability to keep life as normal as possible and her attitude of ‘let's figure out a way to cope’ is incredibly inspiring.”
Tanairi's family is a testament to the power of community service. Her aunts Socorro and Gladys Vega and her cousin Kelly Garcia, all residents of Chelsea, MA, sent substantial aid to Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. Now residing in Chelsea, Tanairi actively participates in their community outreach programs. 
"My future plans include studying criminal justice in college and hoping to join the FBI or become a detective." Tanairi’s extended family includes several police officers, and she finds their careers exciting and a different way to make an impact. She noted, "After coming to the United States when I was 13, I realized I preferred living here. There are many more opportunities for me here, and I have a large extended family who are all wonderful role models for success. I want to give back to my community whatever path I take.” 
Initially enrolled in vocational high school, Tanairi quickly realized it was not a good fit. She recalled, “I wanted to be more prepared for college, so I asked my mom to help me find a new school and transferred to Cristo Rey Boston in the fall of 2020. It immediately felt welcoming; I loved the small size and the great community." 
She continued, "Cristo Rey Boston has had a tremendous impact on my life. During my sophomore year, I became extremely ill and was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. CRB supported me during this time, ensuring I stayed up to date on my schoolwork and stayed caught up. They helped me stay focused on my future and my goals to succeed.  
Tanari noted, "Working at the Museum of Science for my Corporate Work Study Placement has been a fantastic experience. I work in the Animal Care Center and with the animals in the exhibit.” She continued, “Although it’s not something I intend to follow as a career, my time at the Museum has been valuable. I’ve learned to interface with various people and understand that I prefer a job where I’m constantly busy! There's always something going on at the Museum, and I love working there." 
A focused student active in student government and the prom committee, Tanairi has loved her time at Cristo Rey Boston. She noted, “I’ve created a great bond with everyone here, my classmates and some of the teachers. It’s been an incredible experience, and although I’m excited to attend college, I know I’m leaving behind a special place.”