Cristo Rey High School Boston

Why Give?

Our students get up before dawn every day to arrive to school on time and keep pace with a rigorous academic schedule. They earn 65% of the cost of their education by working in more than 135 businesses throughout Greater Boston, and pay a modest tuition that averages $900 per student, covering an additional 10% of our costs. Generous benefactors and foundations make up the remaining 25% of operating costs by contributing more than a $1.35 million each year to the school, but our students are the school’s largest benefactors.

We ask you to match their energy, commitment and drive by making a gift to our school.   When you give, you are building the minds and changing the lives of our students. They want to succeed, and with your help they will become young men and women of faith, purpose, and service.

When you give, you are contributing to a school that is getting outstanding results:

  • 100% of each of our graduating classes has been accepted to college.
  • Our graduates go to leading institutions such as M.I.T., Georgetown, Boston College, Holy Cross, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Bates, Skidmore, Fairfield University, Emmanuel College, Northeastern, Regis, UMASS, and more.
  • More than 90% of our graduates are enrolled in college one year after graduation, well above the national average.
  • As a result of a new and innovative curriculum, our freshmen students are able to grow an average of one-and-a-half to two grade levels in math and English.
  • By senior year, every student takes an Advanced Placement class, affording them the opportunity to prepare for university courses and earn college credit while in high school.
  • Our students are doing needed entry-level work that is helping many of Greater Boston’s leading companies operate more effectively and efficiently.

Thank you so much for your consideration of making a gift to Cristo Rey Boston High School.