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Ismael Daveiga: We Are the Next Generation 

Ismael“We are the next generation, our parents sacrificed so much to give us the opportunity to succeed, and we are all excited to make their sacrifices worth the effort.” noted Ismael Daveiga. Originally from the Republic of Cabo Verde, Ismael loves being part of a large extended family who enjoy spending time together. 
The seventh cousin to graduate Cristo Rey Boston High School, Ismael is eagerly looking forward to walking across the graduation stage and heading off to college. Joining his sister and cousins, each on their own college journey, is something that Ismael knows will set the stage for ensuing generations of his extended family to succeed professionally.
Graduating from UP Academy Boston Middle School and coming to Cristo Rey Boston, Ismael was aware of the value of attending CRB. His cousins have wonderful things to say about their experiences and had all successfully transitioned to college. Knowing that CRB would allow him to build skills in a corporate setting, and that teachers would be understanding and helpful, it was an easy decision. Corporate Work Study has been a large component of his experience at Cristo Rey helping him find his interest in the technology field. His first placement was at Schochet Companies, and he currently works at Boston College, where his interest in computer technology has blossomed with increased responsibilities. 
Finding academically focused friends at Cristo Rey Boston was a bonus for Ismael and he has developed relationships he knows will last a lifetime. He recalled, “The greatest thing about our friendships was that we were there for each other all four years, particularity when times became difficult with Covid.  
Ismael noted, “Senior year was hard, returning to school from Covid. The rise and fall of positivity rates were difficult and learning to adapt to the uncertainty.” But, he continued, “I learned about myself during Covid shutdown. It taught me to be more independent, both with my schoolwork and my CWSP responsibilities. I realize now it was good preparation for succeeding in college.” 
Planning to study Computer Engineering next fall, Ismael is excited to begin the next chapter. Noting that “the future will continue to be in the field of technology, he hopes to focus on computer engineering to meld his interest in video gaming with a larger understanding of the technology industry.
Ismael continued, “If you do well and work hard, it pays off senior year. I am happy to say that I have a great scholarship to study computer engineering at Wentworth Institute of Technology and am pleased that I have been able to make my parents proud.”