Cristo Rey High School Boston

Admissions Criteria


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Cristo Rey Boston High School is a welcoming community that considers a variety of factors when considering admissions. Primary is the desire to work hard and succeed in the classroom and the workplace. Our application process allows us to get to know students and their families on a personal level through interviews and determine whether Cristo Rey Boston is a good fit.  The following are the most important characteristics we are looking for in a potential Knight.


  • Motivated and mature: our program is rigorous and you must be motivated and mature enough to accept help and direction, both in school and in your workplace assignment. Working AND studying as a high school student is hard and you

  • Open to Catholic Religious Values: Catholic faith guides our school and the values we hold. Although students do not need to be Catholic to attend, they must be respectful of our faith-based practices and compliant with our behavioral expectations.

  • Employable: All students are required to participate in the Corporate Work Study Program, which requires working one full day a week, plus a flex day, for a total of 5 days a month. Students are placed in year-long positions reporting to one supervisor. The student's work subsidizes the student's tuition, in addition to building valuable work skills.  
    • To be legally employable and acquire a work permit through Cristo Rey Boston, every incoming student must be at least 14 years old by September 1st of their incoming year andthe student must also be a citizen of the United States of America and have a valid Social Security Card or have legal status to work in the United States and the supporting legal documentation to verify employability.
  • Socially competent: All students are treated as adults both at school and in their CWSP job and should be able to demonstrate their social capacity to function appropriately in an office or school environment and to be comfortable conversing with adults.
  • Solid Performance in Middle School: We are looking for students who demonstrate the ability to succeed. Our ideal candidate will have earned grades of C or above, and seventh and eighth grade grades will be reviewed for admission purposes. Additionally, we will be looking for strong discipline and attendance records in our candidates.

  • Of limited economic resources: Cristo Rey Boston High School is committed to helping students from families of limited economic means attain a college-preparatory education at an affordable tuition and only accepts students from economically-under-resourced families.