Cristo Rey High School Boston

Tuition and Funding




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Cristo Rey Boston High School is committed to making a high quality, Catholic private school, college preparatory education available to all qualified young men and women, regardless of family income.  Every student at CRB comes from a family with limited financial means and every student works in our signature Corporate Work Study Program to defray the cost of their private school education. Currently, students at CRB offset the cost of their education by 65%, while gaining valuable work skills at the same time.


The maximum tuition any family will pay for a student during the 2019-2020 school year is $3,600.00 because the full cost of tuition is offset by the revenue that is generated by the student’s participation in the Corporate Work Study Program. However, most families pay less than $3,600 because Cristo Rey Boston offers financial aid to families who demonstrate additional need. Tuition assessments are based on a family’s income and size. Tuition includes calculators, books and graduation fees.


All applying students fill out an account page  which includes an income verification section. Since we exclusively serve students with limited economic resources, this is an initial screen for eligibility to attend CRB and participate in our work-study program.