Cristo Rey Boston High School


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Cristo Rey Boston (CRB) is committed to making a high quality, Catholic, private school, college preparatory education available to all qualified young men and women from families of limited economic means. 


All CRB students are eligible for tuition-free scholarships to cover the cost of tuition, renewable each year if they remain in good academic and Corporate Work Study Program standing. 


All traditional tuition costs are included in the scholarship; however, the following fees are not covered:  
  • New Student Enrollment fee: $ 25 
  • Technology, Supplies and Activity fee: $300
Financial aid will be available to subsidize these fees for families as necessary.
If a student is accepted and decides to enroll, you must complete the FACTS Financial Aid Form. FACTS charges a $40.00 fee to complete the form. This fee is paid directly to FACTS. No portion of the fee goes to Cristo Rey Boston. Cristo Rey Boston cannot provide financial assistance unless the FACTS Online Application has been completed. 
Financial Eligibility
Cristo Rey Boston only accepts students whose family income is from the lowest income quartile.  Financial eligibility is determined by household size and adjusted gross income.
Questions About Financial Eligibility
We are available to answer any questions regarding the affordability of a Cristo Rey Boston education or the financial verification process. Please contact the Business Office at 857-220-2470.

Academic and Corporate Work Standards

Academic Standing:

Good academic standing pertains to academic performance and student comportment. In terms of academic performance, good standing means that a student must not fail a course for the year. A passing grade is 64.5 or higher. A yearly failure must be remediated in an accredited summer school program during the summer after the failure. The renewal of a student’s scholarship in the fall depends on the successful fulfillment of this requirement. Students who are on track at any point during the academic year to fail a course must attend remediation in keeping with their academic success plans or academic contracts. Any student who fails three or more credits for the year is not eligible for promotion to the next grade level and must withdraw from the school. In terms of Student Conduct, CRB students are expected to always conduct themselves with poise and class by living out the core values of dignity, perseverance, growth, and generosity. Students should be always aware that they represent CRB whether they are in school or out of school. Their behavior, both good and bad, reflects on CRB. Therefore, each student has an obligation to represent the school with courteous and acceptable conduct, whether in or out of school (at school or non-school events; this includes but is not limited to travel to and from school)
Corporate Work Study Program:
Corporate Work Study participation is a requirement of all Cristo Rey Boston students. For a student to be in good standing with CWSP, the student is either deployed and out to work at a CWSP job or is eligible to deploy out to work when a job becomes available for them. If a student is removed for cause from their CWSP job (and therefore is not in good standing with CWSP), a process begins that involves retraining followed by a new job placement. If the student does not successfully complete retraining or needs to be removed again from their work study placement, they may be asked to leave the school.