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Academic Course Work

Academic Course Work


The academic program at Cristo Rey Boston High School focuses on providing a strong foundation in English, Math, Science, History, Religion and World Language. The normal course load for a student at Cristo Rey Boston High School includes five major subjects including two double block courses each year and participation in the Corporate Work Study Program. 

Upperclassmen are able to choose from various electives and are required to take at least one Advanced Placement course.  All seniors must take either AP Calculus AB, AP Drawing, or AP U.S. Government and Politics, with the option to take additional AP classes. The AP classes offered at Cristo Rey Boston include AP Calculus, AP Drawing, AP U.S. Government and Politics, AP Spanish Language, AP Biology and AP English Language Composition.


Freshman Year

Algebra I or Algebra II
English 9
Sacred Scriptures
Art I (½ year)
Spanish 9 (½ year)
Points of View (targeted reading program for selected students)

Sophomore Year

English 10
Modern World History
Spanish 10 or Pre-AP Spanish

Junior Year

Algebra II or Pre-Calculus
American Lit. & History
World Religions
Spanish 11 (½ year) or AP Spanish (full year)
Advanced Art (½ year)

Senior Year

AP Calculus AB, Pre-Calculus or Financial Algebra
Environmental Science or AP Biology
English Language Composition or AP English Language Composition
History of Human Thought (elective)
AP Drawing (elective)
AP U.S. Government and Politics (elective)