Cristo Rey Boston High School

Academic Program

Academic Program

Cristo Rey® Boston is a college preparatory high school in the best tradition of Catholic education. We welcome students from a wide range of religious, ethnic, cultural and academic backgrounds, and we strive to bring out the personal best in each student through a balance of supportive relationships and challenging work.

Our faculty is committed to ensuring that every student succeeds at our school.  Teachers take part in extensive professional development and work collaboratively to meet the needs of our students.

All freshmen take double block classes (two consecutive 48-minute periods) of Math and English Language Arts (ELA) each day for the entire year, allowing them to go into greater depth in these core courses and build a solid foundation for future academic success.  Double block classes continue throughout a student’s four years at our school.  Assessments and class work are designed to teach students to think and reason at higher levels. Our courses are aligned with the new Common Core standards, which seek to prepare all students for college and career success.

Cristo Rey® Boston’s academic program prepares every student to take at least one of the many Advanced Placement (AP) courses we offer by graduation, and all students are carefully guided to a college that is affordable and appropriate for their unique skills and talents.

Cristo Rey Boston High School is committed to preparing its graduates for the challenges of a college education. We employ a number of innovative educational models that have had proven success around the country.