Cristo Rey High School Boston

Student Spotlight of the Week

Principal Ryan, VP Blessing and The Deans Office of CRB are pleased to announce The Student  Spotlight of the Week: 

Yesleidy Marte-Baez (Sophomore):  Yesleidy is awarded a Certificate of Leadership & Participation.  Yesleidy came to CRB last winter and quickly became a model for her peers. She has adjusted to the change of schools and then to the shift to remote learning with ease. Yesleidy is always present for math class and asks clarifying questions until she has mastered what her class is working on. “We are so happy and thankful that Yesleidy joined our CRB community,” states Miss Baker. 

Marquis Wilson (Junior): Marquis is awarded a Certificate of Diligence. “Marquis is a diligent, conscientious student. He is always prepared and willing to ask questions that provide answers for the whole ELA class!” says Mr. Smith.

Brianna Ross (Junior): Brianna is awarded a Certificate of Outstanding Leadership.  Miss Baker says “ ‘Bri’ has been a steady support for her peers and has continued to master each skill we have worked on in math.”  She has encouraged her classmates to be social and attend virtual trivia nights hosted by Miss Baker. She has continued to be a leader and role model even as we have moved remote learning!

Eliezer Laforest (Junior): Eliezer is awarded a Certificate of Commitment to Learning as he has consistently logged on and asked questions to make sure that he is getting the most of this challenging remote learning experience. His teacher states “I miss catching up with Eliezer after school and during study period but I am glad to “see” him each day when we log on.”  He has not let the quarantine get in the way of his learning and his commitment to the CRB school community.

Mariyah Breanna Correia (Junior): Mariyah is awarded a Certificate of Outstanding Leadership and Growth. During remote learning Mariyah jumped a whole letter grade in Social Studies!  She has shown outstanding peer leadership by taking the lead in class discussion and participation. She has shown tremendous growth overall.  Mr. Heshion says “Social studies has become a strength of hers!”

Dannya Burdier (Junior): Dannya is awarded a Certificate of Professionalism and Communication. Dannya  “quickly become one of my top social studies students over the past year” says Mr. Heshion. Her historical insight, opinions, arguments, and discussions are all thoughtful and productive.  Dannya’s peer leadership demonstrates professionalism and success.

Cristardy Guerrero  (Senior):  Cristardy is awarded a Certificate of Growth & Maturity.  “Over the past 4 years I have watched Cristardy grow from a teenage boy into a man. He has been through a lot and has persevered through to become a mature young man” says Mrs. Marchbank.  Staff and Faculty are of proud of everything Cristardy has accomplished, and the relationships he has developed throughout his time at CRB. These things have set a path for his future success. 

Nicole Pimentel (Senior):  Nicole is awarded a Certificate of Sunshine & Perseverance.  Nicole is noted to be one of the most consistent students at CRB. Despite some having some struggles this year she still managed to get through and is finishing at the top of her Precalculus class.  Mrs. Marchbank says “Nicole has given a lot back to the community and is always there to brighten my day when I needed it. I wish you all the best in the future.”