Cristo Rey High School Boston

Tuition and Funding

The annual cost of educating a student at Cristo Rey Boston is approximately $13,000 each year.  While students earn $8,700 towards their tuition at their Corporate Work Study job site, there is still a sizable gap in funding their educational program.


This gap is closed in two ways.  The first is through donations from generous benefactors cultivated by our Development Office.


The second is through tuition paid by families.  The family tuition share represents an important part of our funding and all families are expected to participate.  While we have no advertised tuition amount, we work with each family to determine a fair tuition assessment of what each family can pay towards their child’s tuition.  Tuition assessments are based on a family’s per capita income and family size, not to exceed $3,600.  Family share tuition covers student calculators, books, graduation fees, yearly retreats, etc.  Tuition is not meant to be an obstacle for families; we work with families to calculate a manageable amount. 


Every family is assessed each year. Once the family share tuition amount has been established, it becomes the responsibility of families to communicate payment plans for the year and timely tuition payments.  We count on this source of funding to support the programs we offer our students. 


After a student has been accepted into Cristo Rey, all families must schedule an appointment to enroll their child during a Freshmen Family Conference.  During the conference each family will be assisted in fulfilling the requirement of completing a FACTS application online.  In order to complete this process successfully families must bring their 1040 tax returns and recent W-2 forms; in the event families do not file taxes, they must provide official proof of household income. To complete a FACTS application online from home, please use this link.

 *PLEASE NOTE:  The Corporate Work Study Program is a major contributor of how Tuition is assessed*