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Thank you to PwC Boston!

A giant shout out to the PWC Boston office for a tremendous day of community service. As part of PWC’s Responsible Business Leaders Day program, we have 50 wonderful young summer interns from the Boston office in the school helping us tackle some long overdue projects. Classrooms and offices are being repainted, furniture moved and inventory is being taken. When CRB students arrive at school in the fall, they will find a completely refreshed building thanks to the kindness of the Boston PWC community.


PWC is one of our amazing Corporate Work Study Partners, employing a team of four students. Thanks to all our corporate partners, our students have an opportunity to work in a professional setting during high school. Our innovative model provides students an opportunity to become career ready and gain important skills sets and insight before they ever step foot in a college classroom!


We feel #blessed to have this amazing group of young people join us today!