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First Community Day of the School Year a Big Success

Cristo Rey Boston's Community Days are a chance for the school to come together in friendly competition and engage in some non-academic activities designed to foster class cohesion and school spirit.
Friday, October 6th, was our first community day of the new school year, and the success of the event is evident in the smiling faces of our students and staff.
Our development intern, Deanna Baptista has written her first article for our website about her experience on Community Day. Please look for regular postings from Deanna, as part of her role in the development office will be to write articles about what is happening at CRB.
Community Day at Cristo Rey
By: Deanna Baptista
On October 6, 2017 was my first real Community Day at Cristo Rey. There was many games such as: Dodgeball, a scavenger hunt, trivia, board Games and an Obstacle Course. There were 4 groups for the day.
First, we met up with our advisory groups. Then, we started our adventure with Dodgeball. For Dodgeball, we went against the sophomores, juniors and seniors. Sadly, our group did not win but, we did a good job trying to defeat the other teams. After Dodgeball, we had a Scavenger Hunt where we had to take pictures of all of the things on our list. We found a majority of the list. That was a bonding time for us. Next, we did a variety of board games such as: Pictionary, UNO, Twister and Heads Up. My favorite game that I played was Pictionary. I was teamed up with Lisa and we went against Bryan and Damani. We were undefeated. After, we played Trivia going against seniors, juniors and sophomores. At first, we were in second place but soon after, we were head to head with the juniors. We defeated them for a period of time. By then end of the trivia, the juniors had beat us. After all of the games, the staff treated us for lunch with Pizza and Soda. At the end was the moment of truth. Who won This Community Day? Everyone was anxious to find out who won. In 4th Place was Class of 2018, in 3rd place was Class of 2021, in 2nd place was Class of 2020 and in 1st place was Class of 2019. Although the Freshmen didn’t win, they still did a great job.
Community Day to me was to learn more about people you don’t know really well. It’s a day where you can express your creativity and show your athleticism. It’s a time where you don’t have to be in school sitting down all day. A day to relax from the stress of the school work. It was a fun day and I look forward to the next Community Day.