Cristo Rey High School Boston

Benefits All

Benefits All



"I can't think of a more effective way for businesses to play a lead role in educating urban youth, opening up doors that are not otherwise available to them, and at the same time, helping themselves by preparing their employees of tomorrow."

Thomas P. O'Neill, III
Former Chairman of the Board of Trustees

  • Reliable workers - Cristo Rey® Boston High School has a 95% daily job attendance rate. The Corporate Work Study Program is a professional, turnkey operation, providing screening, training, support and transportation.
  • Payroll cost savings - A Corporate Work Study Team costs less than hiring a single full-time employee, with no costs for benefits, vacations, or sick days.
  • No administrative expenses - All payroll, legal and tax paperwork is handled by CWSP, Inc.
  • Improved morale - A Corporate Work Study Team can relieve pressures on other employees from mundane, repetitive, time-consuming tasks, while enabling them to feel good about mentoring enthusiastic young workers.
  • Fulfilled goals - What better way to give back to the community while helping to build tomorrow's educated work force?
  • Public recognition - Favorable customer/client impressions from this high visibility national program helps build the kind of good will that's key to the success of every business.


The Corporate Work Study Program overcomes the financial barriers that limit the educational and professional opportunities available to inner-city youth, and strengthens Catholic schools that serve these communities. With its unique tuition benefits, the Corporate Work Study Program will permit Cristo Rey® Boston to serve young people with limited financial resources for many years to come. 

  • Financial aid - Students apply all of their Corporate Work Study earnings towards tuition, covering approximately two-thirds of their costs.
  • Real world experience - Students work real jobs in law, finance, healthcare, marketing, universities and many other professional offices. They are challenged to apply their skills beyond the classroom, while learning about future career possibilities.
  • New horizons - Successful business leaders are role models for students, inspiring new goals and raising future ambitions. Students also develop positive relationships that can lead to summer jobs, college references and other job referrals.
  • College preparation - An education at Cristo Rey® Boston High School means academic excellence, practical experience, maturity, and above all, integrity. Students are preparing for acceptance - and success - at college.