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Student Training

Student Training 

Cristo Rey Boston’s CWSP Foundations Program prepares incoming 9th graders for the transition from 8th grade to the work world and provides them with the basic skills that they will need to begin working in CWSP job placements. This program takes place on Fridays during the first semester of 9th grade. Upon successful completion of the Foundations Program, Friday then becomes the 9th graders workday.


Foundations provides students with the tools they need to enter the workplace while also helping students acclimate to their new high school schedule, teachers, and the flow of a Cristo Rey Boston school week.

The Corporate Work Study department provides ongoing training to students throughout the year and receives regular feedback from work supervisors to ensure our students have the skills they need to add real value to the workplace.

For questions regarding student training at CRB please contact Paul Bowen, Director of Corporate Work Study at or 857-220-2473.