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Advisory Program

Advisory Program


Advisory is a small family within the larger school community where each individual student is supported in all aspects of life at Cristo Rey Boston High School. The goal of the Advisory Program is the growth of students into mature men and women. All faculty and staff serve as advisors to groups of ten students, generally following these students throughout their four years at Cristo Rey Boston. The Advisory program helps our adult staff to gain a better appreciation of our students' need, develop deeper and appropriate relationships with students, and strengthen their practice as educators.


The program includes some elements of the character education work of Angela Duckworth of the University of Pennsylvania and Carol Dweck of Stanford, as well as an emphasis on team-building. The advisories provide students with a means to develop a stronger sense of belonging and accountability and are one of the unique aspects of our school.

Every faculty and staff, and full-time volunteer meets with the same group of students every Monday to help students develop and hone essential character traits.