Cristo Rey Boston High School


Dear Prospective Students & Families,

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Cristo Rey Boston High School!
Cristo Rey Boston (CRB) is an inclusive Catholic high school with a college preparatory curriculum located in the Savin Hill neighborhood of Dorchester. In our history we have placed working families first by fighting for equity in education, meaning we take an individualized approach to make sure we meet the academic needs of every student enrolled and equip them to be the authors of their narratives. We have made it our mission to serve families and to fight for our students’ right to succeed academically and professionally.
As a graduate of Cristo Rey Boston, I can firsthand speak of the benefits of a small classroom setting and the guidance and mentorship that is provided on day one. The curriculum was created to ensure the success of every student and at the same time setting the foundation for success in university. Your time at Cristo Rey will be challenging and life changing in every positive way. The faculty and staff here are committed to serve you and your families to ensure your safety, development, and academic success.
Our values of dignity, perseverance, growth, and generosity are derived from our Jesuit principles and are woven into each aspect of the Cristo Rey experience.
The most identifiable characteristic of a Cristo Rey education is our unique work study model. The Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) is supported by professional partners from corporations across greater Boston committed to offering students the opportunity to work in a professional setting. Our students from day one are collaborating with our partners and see the daily ins and outs of some of Boston’s largest corporations. This experience is what sets them apart from their friends and other students in Boston. This unique pathway is not only a great resume builder but equips our students with vocabulary and allows them to confidently walk-through doors only open to them through our CWSP.
Cristo Rey’s commitment to social justice allows us to place working and first-generation families first, assuring we are serving their needs and working towards a better future. We have been able to secure the resources and supports needed to work with each family individually. Cristo Rey Boston offers full tuition scholarships to all accepted students.
I encourage you to click the buttons below to further engage with us. If you are interested in learning more about CRB, click “Inquire” and we will follow up with you; if you or your child are ready to start an application, click “Apply Today”! I sincerely look forward to connecting with you throughout the admission process, and I invite you to call and email our admissions office at 617-825-2580 and
Best regards,
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Freddy Mata-Bueso
Director of Admissions & Alumni Support
PS: I speak fluent Spanish, so feel free to reach out in either language.