Cristo Rey High School Boston

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Jenna Baker

Students and Staff have selected Miss Jenna Baker for this week’s Teacher Spotlight.

 So many wonderful things have been said bout Miss Baker and her unwavering  dedication to engaging her students during and after school.  Did you know she even hosts Virtual Trivia Nights for her students that are academically theme based?


Here are just a few things that were said about her:

 “….because regardless of everything going on in the world she finds ways to still connect with her student and put a smile on our faces. Miss Baker was the first one I met in the CRB community and she welcomed me with open arms and is always happy to help with anything."


“….. during this whole online thing I’ve been struggling a lot to understand some problems and she has always set time aside to help me after classes are over…during class when she sees I have completed the work she will send me a message through MS Teams to see what I need help with. She is amazing.”


CRB Staff have described her as Caring, Positive, Flexible, Compassionate and as a Servant Leader.

Thank you for all you do, every day, for all of us Miss Baker. CRB loves you!