Cristo Rey High School Boston

President's Message



Welcome to Cristo Rey® High School Boston.  Thank you for investing your time to learn more about our school.  We are very proud of the work we do here everyday.


At its best, a Catholic, faith based education is transformational, and it is a transformation of conscience in our students for which we strive each and every day in the classroom, in the community and in the work place.  Being a member of the Cristo Rey Network, a national association of 32 schools educating more than 9,800 students nationwide, we are fortunate to be able to offer our students the corporate work study program to help defray the cost of their education.  Not only does the work study program give our students valuable workplace experience in a professional setting and allows our students to start build a professional network, it also invests our students in their education in a tangible way.  By connecting their school work to “real world” work settings, our students are able to gain a deeper appreciation for their coursework and develop skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.


Inherent in our mission is aspiration. We aspire to inspire the faith life of our students.  We aspire to open the hearts and minds of our students to the beauty of God’s creation and recognizing God’s presence in their classmates, their studies, their work, their colleagues, their teachers, their activities, in their families and in the City of Boston.  Tangibly, we aspire to provide a rigorous, college preparatory program of studies combined with diverse and meaningful co-curricular opportunities that support our goal of placement in four-year colleges for all of our graduates.  Annually, every graduating senior is accepted to a four-year college.  This may not seem remarkable in the world of private, Catholic high schools, but considering that our student population is strictly comprised of under-resourced urban students from the “aspiring class” of hard-working families who want to see their children climb the socio-economic ladder through education and who enter the school behind grade level in core subjects, it is rather remarkable.  These college acceptances are often the first for the family and are among the proudest moments for all when those acceptance letters arrive.


Though we take great pride in programmatic outcomes, we also aspire to form young men and women to become people of faith, purpose and service.  Without instilling these qualities in our students, their education here merely becomes a resume builder and vehicle for self-centered acquisitions.  In a Catholic setting, it is imperative that we see beyond ourselves and serve those most in need.  Aspirational for sure in our ever increasingly complex world of material possessions.


Whether you are a prospective student/family, a neighbor, an employer, a philanthropist or someone who is interested in seeing this unique educational model, I invite you to come see our school and the work that goes on here.  Educating adolescents is messy, exhausting work, but the energy and aspirations of the young men and women who walk our hallways provides all the motivations our dedicated faculty need.  You will feel it when you visit.


I look forward to showing you around our school.


Michael Brennan


 Transforming Urban America One Student at a Time®